16 June 2015
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Paula Phung’s journey into the world of Salesforce

Today at RibbonFish it is our Salesforce Administrator, Paula Phung’s 21st birthday! So why not take the time to find out about Paula’s journey into the world of Salesforce!?     Paula started off as an apprentice Salesforce Administrator for a popular non-profit organisation which used Salesforce as their main platform when she was just […]

A day at the London Salesforce World Tour

On the 21st of May some of the RibbonFish Team and I attended the Salesforce world tour in London! One thing for sure is that Salesforce definitely know how to throw an event! As a first-timer attending the event, it definitely exceeded my expectations. Arriving at the event at 8.00am and not leaving until 8.00pm […]

SalesForce- Lead Assignment by Territory

Wondering how to set up and use lead assignment to automatically assign leads to the relevant territories? If the answer is yes then read on! Leads can be assigned manually to the relevant sales reps. When the volume of leads grows, it’s saves a lot of time to assign them automatically. In this document I […]

17 March 2014
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Salesforce – Bringing success to the cloud

Has Salesforce managed to make Cloud Customer Relationship Management Systems a Success? Salesforce and many CRM systems help a business to manage their customer relationships and model them into a success. However how has Salesforce taken the cloud market by the hand and flown higher than anyone imagined? 2013 was a year of economical uncertainty, […]

20 January 2014
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Dreamforce Conference 2013

The Moscone Center in San Francisco was the scene of the annual Dreamforce conference which was held in November. Dreamforce has become the biggest software conference in the world with over 120,000 people attending and tuning in. Salesforce brings technology that’s permits us to connect to our customers, transform business processes and solve business problems faster […]

30 October 2013
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Salesforce Stocks Performing Well

Salesforce Stock On Rise Experts are predicting that Salesforce is going to have a more successful couple of years than many originally thought. The world’s leading CRM provider has rocketed to its grand position by offering high quality products developed primarily for the cloud. With cloud technology becoming more and more popular among businesses of […]

23 October 2013
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Sales, Support, and Retention: Get Personal.

The Role of Personality & Communication in Business Processes In this increasingly digital world, it is easy to forget that we are all still normal people that appreciate traditional human interaction and classically polite social conduct. This new digital age has presented many businesses across the world with a wealth of opportunity to increase marketing […]

17 September 2013
RibbonFish News
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RibbonFish Expands Team & Salesforce CRM Services

RibbonFish Expand Team & Salesforce CRM Services RibbonFish are excited to announce that we are embarking on an emphasised focus in developing Salesforce CRM solutions for businesses. As a result, we have expanded our core team, and we’re delighted welcome Sylvain Picory, Ritesh More, and Victoria Wilkinson to the fold. To read all about their […]

23 August 2013
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Infographic: CRM – Forever Growing

Infographic: CRM – Forever Growing Here, we look at some of the most fascinating statistics about CRM, including some mindblowing revenue stats from Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics… CRM: Forever Growing! | Infographics Find Marc on Google Plus

22 August 2013
Comments: 0 – What is Salesforce?

Salesforce: An Overview If you’re in business, Salesforce is a company that you may well have heard of. They are one of the biggest cloud computing companies in the world, and were voted number 19 in the Forbes magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” this year (2013). Although they are widely known as Salesforce, […]