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YannickThe name is Mermet, Yannick Mermet. I am a Junior Support Developer at Ribbonfish. Born in Watford 22 years ago (almost 23). I’m both French and English. I studied Computer Science at the University of Warwick (Both my Undergrad and Master).

Enough with the boring facts, here are 10 Random Facts about me:

1) If I had a superpower it would be super speed. Purely because I would never need to use public transport ever again. (Also save a few people here and there)

2) Whenever I drive solo in my car, I sing to whatever is playing (loudly and badly) pretending that’s what the people want to hear.

3) My middle name is Claude. Although it is normally a French woman’s name, it’s actually the short version of my grandfather’s name, Jean-Claude.

4) In any interview, I never answer any fourth question…..(Cue in “Nuthing but a G Thing)

5) Sports-wise: Love playing Tennis and Football and I even did a little bit of American Football too as a Running Back (I wasn’t very good though)

6) Once in my coding coursework, I accidently named one of my methods as “poo” in wraith of anger because the code wasn’t working. Once it worked I submitted and only realised after that I had left that method called so. Luckily, the code worked and they never saw it. (I hope)

7) The reason I chose to do a Computer Science Degree is because of a Book called “Digital Fortress” by Dan Brown. It is an awesome book about Cryptology and Algorithms.

8) At University, I hosted a Radio Show called “Media Shower” where we spoke about new films/games/TV Series. Also we played games which yours truly created. We had an award winning game called “Don’t be fooled by the Fool” where, I the fool would give 3 news headlines and my fellow co-hosts would have to guess which one was the real one.

9) My Favourite animal is the Llama. Don’t ask why, it just is. Deal with it.

10) Lastly, I am the king of Fancy Dress Parties. Always prepared for whatever the theme is.

So those are the 10 Random Facts about me. Hope you enjoyed and I promise this will not be my last blog!

Yandaman signing out.

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