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Salesforce: An Overview

If you’re in business, Salesforce is a company that you may well have heard of. They are one of the biggest cloud computing companies in the world, and were voted number 19 in the Forbes magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” this year (2013).

Although they are widely known as Salesforce, their full brand name is actually Salesforce.com, which is an indication of their commitment to the cloud especially. With the increasing importance of cloud computing in enterprise, Salesforce are seeing a surge in interest in their products, and developers such as RibbonFish are offering their services to businesses that are utilising their cloud CRM solutions.

What Do Salesforce.com Offer?

Salesforce are best known for their CRM products, and this performs as the central element of their business. Based on 2012 statistics by Gartner, Salesforce have acquired the largest worldwide market share in CRM, and are the number one global CRM provider. But what exactly do they provide as features within their CRM offerings?…


Sales Cloud…

The Salesforce Sales Cloud is the sales aspect of their CRM product. It helps businesses manage leads and forecasting, as well as allowing sales representatives and managers the opportunity to focus on relationships with customers, clients, and prospects. The ease of implementation and efficiency of automation ensures that your team can focus on what gets your company results; selling the right things to the right people at the right time.

Service Cloud…

This is Salesforce’s take on customer service, and it is proving to be incredibly popular amongst businesses of all sizes. The Salesforce call centre CRM solution offers a cloud system that is easy to use, with a remarkably simple user interface. This reduces the amount of training that is needed for your team.

Marketing Cloud…

The Marketing Cloud is one of the best aspects of Salesforce.com’s CRM product. It is focused primarily on developing online social media channels, allowing the user to focus on planning and creating the perfect engaging content targeted at the right audience. You can run integrated social marketing campaigns, monitor trends, and measure analytics. With strong support for advertising on sites like Twitter and Facebook, you can get the most out of your online presence.

Salesforce Platform…

Salesforce Platform provides businesses with the option to run applications without having to maintain complex hardware and software infrastructure on-premises. It is a simple and scalable option for businesses who may develop quickly. This solution offers businesses managed services on which to run their applications, saving money, resources, and providing unrivaled uptime.

Salesforce Chatter…

Salesforce Chatter is Salesforce.com’s enterprise social network. It provides superb collaboration opportunities for teams within an enterprise, allowing them to communicate effectively within the team and across departments. Chatter allows the sharing of documents, folders, and just as importantly – ideas. The instant messenger service is particularly useful for team collaboration. Being based on the cloud, Chatter is available via mobile meaning it maintains accessibility.

Salesforce Work.com…

Salesforce Work.com is a product that helps leaders monitor their team’s performance, and allows managers to motivate and contribute towards their workforce’s success. Work.com can help align a team, establishing common goals and analysing where people are having an impact on the organisation. You can acknowledge your best salesperson’s achievements publicly through Salesforce Work.com, and even reward them with an Amazon giftcard – all online! Morale and motivation are always important for a workforce, and Work.com can provide this in the perfect way.


Salesforce.com provides a variety of excellent solutions, and the benefit of their products is that they are appropriate for businesses of all sizes. The flexibility and scalability of Salesforce solutions are perfect for a developing SMEs, and the reliable SaaS is also a major attraction for larger businesses.

Businesses are beginning to understand the benefits of CRM in a social context. Salesforce’s progressive thinking as a company ensures that their solutions are ideal for social integration and perfect for the dynamic modern business.

RibbonFish provide Salesforce consultancy and development, as well as providing bespoke CRM solutions to businesses across the UK. If you would like more information about implementing a Salesforce product for your organisation, get in touch here.

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