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Supporting Cambridgeshire County Council for two years and assisting a smooth migration to Microsoft Dynamics CRM system

Cambridgeshire County Council

Cambridgeshire County Council have around thirty users in their organisation, all utilising a multi-functioning CRM system to manage everything from household waste to parking permits for over half a million residents.

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The problem

Cambridgeshire County Council required support for their ageing CRM system, built with Onyx technology, whilst determining options to either upgrade or replace their current system. Once a decision had been made, the team also needed assistance in the migration and switch to their new Microsoft Dynamics CRM, in order to ensure data quality and a smooth transition for the customer service team and the residents they serve.

Our proposal and solution

We provided two years of Level 3 Support, using our considerable experience with Onyx CRM systems and of Local Authority Customer Service. Our team was able to provide ongoing support and technical advice with issues surrounding the database and application, allowing for quick resolution and minimal customer disruption.

When Cambridgeshire County Council were ready to move to their new Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we provided detailed data analysis to ensure a smooth transition.

We identified the minimum data requirements for the new system, and analysed the existing information within Onyx to determine where the gaps were. Where there were disparities, we cleansed the data and readied it for the migration.

The results

Cambridgeshire County Council achieved a smooth migration of their data from old to new CRM system. We were also able to help them keep the data that wasn’t being migrated, retaining the information for their future records. The decommissioning of the old system was achieved without incident, in a controlled and carefully-planned manner. A successful project, from start to finish.

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