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An acquisition resulted in multiple Salesforce instances for Ocorian. Ribbonfish accelerated the Salesforce convergence journey.


Ocorian are an award-winning and independent provider of corporate and fiduciary services. Working with corporate and private clients, Ocorian have a dynamic culture that supports investment success enabling their clients to reach their strategic goals.

“Ribbonfish provided a tailored solution within the required timeframe and quality expectations, making sure we retained visibility of the project development. Their project design and implementation approach ensured minimal business disruption, agile response to backroads and highly valuable technical guidance.” 

Jorge Sanchez-Galiani, Associate Director, Marketing

The problem

Following a successful acquisition, Ocorian ended up with two Salesforce instances. Their original one, running on classic and an additional one from the acquired business, running on lightning.

Organic or acquisition-based growth can often result in multiple salesforce instances used in the same organisation leading to fragmented reporting and sales pipeline.

Whilst in some cases it can be a conscious decision to continue using multiple orgs, most organisations benefit from unifying processes, systems and reporting.

The challenges of any convergence project are:

  • Ensuring key design decisions are immediate and there is agreement on what is necessary and feasible in the first phase
  • From a technical perspective – aligning data, data fields, opportunities and drop downs in standard objects
The Solution

With a deadline of only 8 weeks, it was decided to phase delivery and prioritise merging of the lightning version into the larger classic instance.

This ensured continuity for the majority of the sales team and removed an immediate need to train on lightning whilst bringing the benefits of convergence faster to Ocorian.

Ribbonfish have successfully delivered multiple Salesforce convergence projects. The frameworks developed by Ribbonfish to merge Salesforce instances ensures

  • Migration of data can be accelerated
  • Consistency & integrity of target state configuration is maintained
  • Minimised disruption to the production instance and to business continuity

See our Salesforce Convergence blog for more details on the Ribbonfish approach to Convergence

The outcome

Unifying systems is a key element in realising efficiency gains from mergers. A unified Salesforce instance has facilitated company reporting, simplified system and data maintenance and paved the way for integration with other applications especially ERP and marketing automation solutions.

And the value delivered upfront has made it easier to justify the second phase of the project which will be upgrading the unified org to lightning.

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