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Palgrave Macmillan – now a brand of Springer Nature – are a global academic publisher focusing specifically on the scholarly and higher education marketplace. Palgrave publish in traditional print and online publication, creating textbooks, journals, professional and reference works.

Our long-standing relationship with Palgrave saw a number of successful projects completed. We worked closely across different departments within the company on multiple CRM updates, integrations, data migrations, workflow improvements, and more.

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The problem

The team at Palgrave was using a bespoke title management system integrated with CRM, but required an upgrade to the latest version, together with further customisations to improve business processes and efficiencies.

The solution

The initial upgrade involved a number of solutions. These included extensions and improvements to editorial workflows from handover to production, enhancements to the handling of rights and permissions (acquisition and sales / licensing), and improvements for key user tools. Leading on from the initial CRM and Title Management upgrade, we completed a number of mini-projects.

These included the improvement of templated document generation, an expansion of title management capabilities for Palgrave’s US team, enhancements to a visual cataloguing process, improvements to order processing, and much more.

The results

Palgrave enjoyed numerous positive results from the work that we completed. Improvements to cataloguing allowed multiple teams to work on different sections without having to manually move titles in the final export, and the expansion to US users enabled teams on both sides of the Atlantic to work together.

Overall, a highly-customised title management and CRM system offered Palgrave a valuable application for collaborative working, central data storage, and integrations – allowing them better data control and quantitative reporting, tailored to their needs.

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