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Providing Salesforce solutions and enterprise apps to organisations in The Midlands

What we do

We provide Salesforce solutions and enterprise applications to businesses and organisations in Birmingham, as well as the surrounding towns and cities of the West Midlands. From our base in the heart of London, Ribbonfish has worked all over the UK and in the USA on projects for major international companies.

With Salesforce you have a multitude of options; Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Communities – All of the above and much more. You can improve business processes, understand your customers, deliver better marketing campaigns, and support your sales teams. You can create customised enterprise solutions built entirely to your needs. The opportunities are boundless.

We’re proud to offer our services in the Birmingham area, and the surrounding towns and cities of the East and West Midlands.

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About Birmingham

Birmingham is a sprawling metropolis, and with an estimated 1.1 million residents, it’s the second largest city in the UK. Traditionally a centre for industry and manufacturing, the city is widely considered to be one of the great economic powerhouses of the Industrial Revolution. Up until the 1980s, Birmingham was the hub of the British motor industry.

Whilst the nature of enterprise in the West Midlands has changed somewhat, the region remains a super location for businesses to locate.

Unrivalled road & rail access routes, an international airport, plus the benefit of being placed in the heart of England makes Birmingham a very appealing headquarters for many a global enterprise. After Leeds, the city is has the second largest employment in financial and business services outside London. Furthermore, the NEC and International Convention Centre both bring together businesses and individuals from all over the world.

Birmingham is also a highly multicultural city, and has the largest Muslim, Sikh, and Buddhist community outside of London. It also has the second-highest Hindu community outside the capital.


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