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Transformation Engine

Real-world usage

So what will our transformation engine be used for?

Clean migration: Initially, this tool was built for publishers, but it is perfectly suited to many businesses. If a publisher is migrating data from an old CRM system to a new implementation, there may be changes in labels and field names. For example, an educational publisher may want to change the data requirement from “Maths” to “Mathematics”. Transformation Engine will make this process easy as pi. Its automation picks out the fields for changing, enables you to review and approve, and runs the process in the background while you get on with other tasks.

Correcting human error: On occasion, vast scores of data can be entered incorrectly. You need fast and efficient ways of fixing these errors. By using the Transformation Engine, users are able to quickly repair invalid data. The algorithms search key phrases and file names, allowing users to transform and copy their corrections across the database.


We have built the transformation using Salesforce technology, and have released it on the Salesforce AppExchange. For those with an existing Salesforce implementation, you can get this app immediately. If you would like help implementing Salesforce at your organisation, get in touch with Ribbonfish today.


Due to the flexibility of Salesforce technology, you’re able to integrate our Transformation Engine with your other business-critical applications. Utilsing one source of data, you can interconnect your CRM, ERP, marketing, and sales systems with Transformation Engine, ensuring optimal data across the board.

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