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Salesforce for Publishers

The boundless opportunities for publishing companies using Salesforce

Salesforce for the publishing industry

Salesforce can have a huge impact in the publishing industry, and is indeed doing so. Our first-hand experience with major international publishers has taught us a great deal about the potential for using Salesforce in this sphere.

Here’s a brief overview of what it can do for your publishing business.


Sales Cloud:

Sales Cloud is Salesforce’s flagship product. It is a world-class cloud-based CRM solution, designed to make the sales process simple and effective. Publishers can benefit from better knowledge of prospects and leads, better forecasting of sales, and better understanding of team performance in terms of securing valuable deals.

Whether it’s reps on the road, or the team in the office, everyone can benefit from accurate sales data when they need it.


Service Cloud:

Customer service is paramount for businesses in every industry. Publishers deal with all sorts of enquiries, complaints, and queries. These come from all manner of customers, distributors, and stockists. Service Cloud will enable your customer service and support teams to deal with issues quickly and easily.

Not only can problems be solved quickly, but information can be fed to sales and marketing teams, to understand the context of a customer or lead.


Marketing Cloud:

Salesforce Marketing Cloud will enable you to better understand and reach your audience, on a 1:1 basis. This tool allows publishers to align their activities across email, mobile, social, and more. Publishers can follow up on abandoned eCommerce carts, deliver targeted content and adverts, and analyse data to optimise future marketing activities.

In a competitive marketplace, Marketing Cloud offers you the agility and insight to stay ahead of rivals.



Communities has vast potential for any business in the publishing industry, from the ability to create a self-serving community of followers and enthusiasts, to connecting agencies, suppliers, and distributors within a secure online network. This is a place for the groups which make your organisation tick, internally and externally.

Bring your teams closer together for better collaboration, communication, and productivity.



By using Salesforce platforms, you can build an entirely bespoke and customised solution for your organisation. Whilst many publishers have similar processes, there will always be intricacies determined by the nature of your books or digital products.

The building blocks of Salesforce provide the opportunity to create according to your specific requirements, whether it’s a tool for Rights Management, Title Management, Authors, Project Management/Scheduling, Contracts, or other critical areas.

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