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Technologies For Publishing & Media

Ingenious enterprise applications and cloud-based systems

Solutions for publishing and media

Publishing has come far since the humble yet revolutionary printing press, but the mission has remained consistent; to entertain, to spread knowledge, and to educate. Publishers and media organisations have evolved to create dynamic content for global audiences, and are adapting to a challenging new industry landscape.

At the heart of consistent business performance is enterprise technology. Systems must allow people to work effectively, and provide the perfect platform from which to drive growth and success. Technology must facilitate processes, assist users, and represent tangible return on investment.

This is where Ribbonfish comes in.


Cloud-based customer relationship management systems for publishing & media

Title Management

Store and manage key catalogue data, and integrate with other critical applications

Rights Management

Determine requirements, search for images, and manage associated rights

Project Management

Visibility over timelines and resources throughout the publishing process

Bespoke solutions

Using our vast experience in publishing and media, we tie specific business needs to the right technology. Client requirements may not always fit into a neat package. We use our technical expertise and industry experience to deliver bespoke solutions.

Our aim is to streamline processes, improve productivity, manage and migrate data, integrate critical systems, and deliver superb applications.

Technology should be matched to your requirements, not the other way around.

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Insights on the industry

We publish regular insights on the publishing and media sector. These articles include the latest news, interviews with industry experts, analysis of trends, predictions for the future, and much more.



Our Case Studies

We’re not all talk. The proof is in the pudding. Take a look at our case studies to learn more about what we’ve achieved for our clients.

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