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CRM for the publishing industry

Customer Relationship Management for publishers

CRM For Publishing & Media

Ribbonfish build, customise, and implement cloud-based CRM solutions for publishers and media organisations.

With emphasis on Salesforce CRM and Microsoft technologies, our CRM systems are specifically designed for the industry. Clients benefit from systems support, upgrades, user training, data migration, and integrations for Title Management and other critical applications. Our CRM solutions are agile, efficient, and future-proof.

The technology is matched to your requirements, not the other way around.


Remote Access

Cloud-based CRM enables secure access from different devices, whilst you’re on-the-move.

Centralise customers

Optimise your sales targeting, improve customer service, and use centralised information.

Healthy data

Critical information in one place. Easier analysis, better reporting, and accurate data.

Integrate applications

Integrate with critical business systems. Title Management, Rights, Marketing, and more.

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About CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is more important than ever, at a time in which the power has shifted towards the consumer. The digital age has generated higher expectations for quick service, informed support, and personalised sales and marketing approaches.

Often, customer interactions and critical data is fragmented across different business systems. Enterprise technology should enable a single view of the customer, and allow you to seize every opportunity.

Ribbonfish will help you achieve this, through careful business analysis and innovative technical solutions.

Frequently asked questions:
What is CRM?

The acronym, CRM, means Customer Relationship Management. Initially, this was defined as simply managing the ongoing relationships with customers, but in modern times CRM is more associated with the technology that helps you achieve this. This technology sets out consistent processes and procedures for managing an organisation’s relationship with each customer. A CRM system can integrate with other critical business systems.

Within a CRM system, a business can store customer contact details, leads and prospects, company accounts, and sales. This information can be used to optimise sales, marketing, and customer services. A CRM system pulls all the critical customer information into one place, from which the different organisational teams can acquire the data they need.

The most prominent CRM software vendors are Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP.

What is cloud-based CRM?

The cloud has revolutionised the way that businesses and consumers behave on a daily basis. A cloud-based CRM system will enable a team to access business-critical information on-the-move, from different locations, on different devices.

Rather than implementing a one-off clunky system on your own servers (hard to maintain, slow to update), cloud computing has championed the subscription model, and this is as pertinent for enterprise technology as it is for users of Netflix and Spotify. Overall, cloud-based solutions improve productivity, reduce costs, and enable more scalable plans.

Why would a publishing house need CRM?

Publishers must manage their relationship with customers just like any other business in the modern world. By utilising a CRM tool, print and digital publishers can track the performance of their sales reps, measure successes of titles and series, and visualise customer service priorities. Above all, a cloud-based CRM will ensure that everyone across the team has access to critical information about customers.

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Can CRM systems be customised?

Indeed they can, to a great extent. That’s what we specialise in at Ribbonfish. Out-of-the-box solutions are fine for many small businesses, but often, customisation is required in order for CRM to answer all the questions of a particular organisation. We work with technologies from multiple leading vendors to create brilliant CRM solutions, based on particular client needs. Our bespoke solutions are created by using world-beating cloud technologies.

What does CRM integration mean?

CRM integration is the action of integrating CRM software with other critical business applications. This could be ERP, marketing automation, accounting, HR, or anything else. For publishers, this could involve title management, production, editorial, rights and permissions and more.

An effective CRM solution encourages a customer-centric approach throughout the business, and ensures that every part of the organisation can benefit from up-to-date information at the click of a mouse or swish of the fingertips.

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