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Sales & Marketing Tools

Connections, sales, and customer retention

Sales & Marketing Technology

The digital revolution has turned sales and marketing upside down. For publishing and media organisations, it’s no longer about catalogues and print marketing. It’s a big challenge to deliver product information and promotion materials in an omnichannel landscape.

Healthy and consistent customer data is at the core of effective sales and marketing, and combined with effective automation, your organisation will reach the right audience, at the right time, with the right content. Your business systems must support this, and Salesforce solutions are the front-runner.

Sales Cloud

It’s the ultimate cloud-based CRM tool that has taken the world by storm. Identify prospects, convert leads, and retain a loyal customer base.

Marketing Cloud

Connect to your customers in a dynamic way. Align your integrated marketing approach across email, mobile, social, and website. Classy automation.

Service Cloud

Reputation matters. Return custom hinges on quality of service and experience. Manage interactions, log key data, and deliver outstanding support.

Community Cloud

Create a dedicated community of contributors, experts, and customers. Connect agencies, suppliers, and vendors within a secure environment.

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We understand the end-to-end publishing process, from investment approval and contracts, through the development process, to production, marketing, and beyond. As such, we’re uniquely-placed to consult on processes and implement the right technologies.

We’re cloud technology experts, specialising in Salesforce and Microsoft solutions. We design, implement, and integrate enterprise technology for the publishing industry, including CRM, title management, production, sales, marketing, and rights.

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