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Title Management

Manage titles, series, and formats across the organisation

Title management systems

Effective title management is essential to the long-term success of any publishing house. In modern publishing, multiple teams will contribute to data on titles and series across print and digital formats at an unprecedented speed and volume. Title management systems must enable these teams to operate with clarity and efficiency at all times.

We design and implement custom title management systems for publishers, built according to each client’s specific requirements.

Titles and series

Record and store the hierarchy of titles and series within a comprehensive back catalogue repository. Amend data for any given format, at any time.


Manage workflows between stakeholders and departments. Streamline processes, templates, and contract generation across the organisation.


Assign and manage key book data, ISBNs, marketing information, copy, and more. Generate merge templates and export ONIX metadata.


Integrate with CRM, editorial and design tools, digital asset management, finance, marketing automation, websites, digital platforms, and more.

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About Ribbonfish

We understand the end-to-end publishing process, from investment approval and contracts, through the development process, to production, marketing, and beyond. As such, we’re uniquely-placed to consult on processes and implement the right technologies.

We’re cloud technology experts, specialising in Salesforce and Microsoft solutions. We design, implement, and integrate enterprise technology for the publishing industry, including CRM, title management, production, sales, marketing, and rights management.

More information about Title Management:
What is Title Management software?

Title Management software enables users to track titles from the acquisition stage through, to editorial, contracts, production, manufacturing, marketing, sales, reporting and whatever else may come into it. The platform works as a central database that stores title information. Instead of multiple applications currently being used to store and create documents, everything is managed within the system as one process; enabling you to send all critical information to partners or publish online to customer-facing interfaces.

How can Title Management software benefit publishers?

Title Management software can be beneficial to publishers in many ways. For instance, publishers may be using many different applications to store information, from Excel spreadsheets to word documents to multiple online databases. This can make keeping track of information a headache, which is where Title management software comes in.

Everything can be managed and edited centrally in one system from all departments. This enables staff to spend more time on things that matter. Being able to manage all steps of the book production process form the very beginning to the very end from a bird’s eye view makes working processes easier and more streamlined.

What is cloud computing and how can it benefit publishers?

Put simply, cloud computing is a method of storing and accessing data via the internet instead of using your machine’s hard drive. Cloud computing benefits publishers because it provides universal access, for example when a team has to collaborate on a single project it allows everyone to do so from multiple locations and work in real-time, making the publishing workflow much more efficient.

The fact that cloud computing requires no hardware investment means that there is also no onsite IT team needed, meaning that there is a huge amount of money being saved that can be spent on other things within the company.

This is especially beneficial to small start up publishers as it will reduce start-up costs. Cloud computing means that you will always be in touch with the most up-to-date technology, where publishers can publish their content online through the cloud.

Why should Title Management be on the cloud?

Title Management systems should use cloud computing for a number of reasons, one being the reduction of costs. Cloud computing is a much more cost-effective way to store data due to deployment to the cloud being inexpensive.

With Title Management systems, the amount of data needed to be stored from each department can build up to be significant, which means storing elsewhere is considerably more expensive. Furthermore, Title Management systems would benefit from being stored in the cloud as everyone using the system is able to access all necessary documents and collaborate with each other in real-time, from different devices.

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