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WSO2 – A game-changer

Integrations are critical for large organisations in many different industries. Often, there’s a myriad of different systems to interconnect, which can prove to be a complex undertaking. The Enterprise Service Bus is generally considered to be the most architecturally sound option, but also complex, expensive, and difficult to configure and maintain.

For a publishing client in the US, we created a proof-of-concept using WSO2 for a major decommissioning project. After our recommendations, the client was so impressed that that they’ve chosen WSO2 as their overall Enterprise Bus. As we’ve discovered, WSO2 is a game-changer.

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More information about WSO2:
What is WSO2?

WSO2 is an open source middleware platform, it consists of a number of components that you can pick and choose from, each performs a specific task and can be integrated tightly with other WSO2 components.

Why choose WSO2?
  • It is genuinely open-source and free to use
  • It’s backed by big names; Intel Financial is a VC and eBay is a flagship client
  • It reduces the implementation time for connecting systems together
  • It provides transparency on all your APIs and makes them discoverable
  • It decouples back-end systems from front-end systems in a matter of days rather than months.
  • It is extensible with existing connectors, development templates and additional features
  • It is simple, well documented, and easy to use
What is Middleware?

Middleware is software that provides services between software applications and the operating system. This generally simplifies the development of applications that leverage services from other existing applications, as you do not have to custom craft integrations for every new application you make, instead using the middleware to handle the integrations easier.

How can I implement WSO2?

To implement WSO2, you can just download it onto your server and install it. There are a few prerequisites you need on the server before you install WSO2. At the very least you need a JDK (java development kit) and a web browser so you can access the management console. WSO2 supports most common operating systems as well.

How expensive is WSO2?

Completely free, the components available currently are all open source, so can be downloaded and used for free, what costs, if you require it, is getting support or training on the different components you may use.

Can any business use WSO2?

Yes, as WSO2 is completely open source, you can download and use it without any licence fees or contract negotiations. You can just download the components that suit your business needs and get started with making it part of your business. As they have a wide array of components, there is likely a few that could benefit your business.

What can WSO2 be used for?

Depending on the components you decide to use, you can use it for integration, identity management, security, analytics among other things. Our main use of it so far has been using the enterprise service bus to manage integrations between different platforms.

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